• Adapters


    The adapters are a tool-free plug-in system.

    Using this system the three-point excavator fits on every loader. Adapters and direct attachments increase the tipping height of your loader by approx. 50% (1.6 to 2.2m) compared to an original bucket. rofit from the immensely increased tipping height (+2.2m on front loaders) and also load 4m high trailers or trucks with the normal front loader.Besides the immensely increased tipping height the system also has many other advantages.Thus it is possible to change the brand of the base equipment at any time and the three-point excavator can be used again immediately with a new adapter.

    We also produce adapters for connect loaders and tool attachments to one another (the connection between the different attachment systems). Thus a Hoftrac can also use existing front loader tools, e.g. front loader Weidemann hydraulicaly to Hauer B tool etc.