• Red Q

    The revolution for Hoof trimming crushes

    The tipping crush has been
    invented newly

    • Catching, driving and belt tightening without effort.
    • In less then one minute all four legs are ready for trimming.
    • Very short distances - the whole working space only comprises 2 meters for treatment, service and tool placement.
    • All functions work hydraulically.
    • Adjustable leg holders guarantee a best possible working height for the hoof trimmers.
    • Fast, easy and intuitive operation via a central switch-board.
    • All service elements (central switchboard, toolbox, plugs and holders vor angle grinders) are arranged centrally with easy reach


    Important note: The Red Q as stationary version is not permanently intended for longer transport distances on the three-point hitch! We recommend the mobile version, if a frequent transport is necessary. All product models can be found at: Models

    Spare parts

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