• Red 5


    The Red5 is optically a further development of the proved and design-awarded Top 5 but from technical point of view a complete innovation. This treatment stand is suitable for usage in leading gates as well as for manual lead-in with headstall. 

    • Revolutionary and completely opening catching device for dairy and beef cattle
    • Front leg winch and rear leg lifting are operated electrically
    • Catching and fastening within only 45 seconds
    • Ideal working height, 75 cm at the front and 110 cm at the rear

    The remaining necessary power is limited to max. 10 kg. The time effort for leading-in and fixing of animals has be reduced by half of the time.

    The hoofs are quickly and gently brought into a position which is comfortable for man and animal. By this normally the first leg within 50 seconds is in the desired position in about 75 cm working height at the front leg and in about 1,10m at the rear leg.

    The working space is simple and tidy, all operations are logical and target-driven. The proven 2-step-lifting of the rear leg keeps animals quiet and provides ideal working height. 

    With the Red5 we managed to develop an unique hoof trimming crush which compares to expensive over-dimensioned and over-mechanized boxes regarding performance but by far more economic and user-friendly.

    •    The vertical crush which facilitates, simplifies and speeds up work
    •    Highest performance for the farmer
    •    Innovative catching devise for any cattle – even horned ones