• Kipp Top II

    The Kipp Top II is the successor of the thousand-fold proven and popular Kipp Top.

    By far quicker work, more comfort and cost effectiveness – that’s the benefit for the farmer.
    This has been achieved by a completely new head catching device which opens to the ground throughout the whole width.
    This turns animal catching and driving out into a piece of cake. Intuitively set service elements guarantee quick sequences of operations and up to 50% less working travels.


    Easier and quicker drive-in of animals through newly-designed catching devise and pushing gate

    • head catching devise takes head position into account
    • adapts to animal size
    • mechanic or hydraulic pushing gate, also useable as table prolongation
    • forward-facing or lateral exit can be opened wide


    Simple, self-explaining operation

    • distances between working steps reduced by up to 40%
    • central-operat with ergonomic working height
    • At least 30% higher working output
    • simple belt system with hydraulic Tension


    Easy transport and comfortable Operation

    • Less space required in the barn
    • Multiple transport means with fork lifter, lift truck or tractor
    • integrated hitch-points for fix ground positioning
    • toolbox in easy reach
    • service-friendly


    Important note: The Kipp Top II as stationary version is not permanently intended for longer transport distances on the three-point hitch! We recommend the mobile version, if a frequent transport is necessary. All product models can be found at: Models